Depop – Friend or Faux???

I’ve been a victim of the obsession that is Depop. It happened all so quickly. I only liked a few things at first, isn’t that how it always starts? Just like a few things, I won’t buy anything. It started simply with a record player, I was nervous as I do worry about second hand stuff. How honest are people? Does the product actually look like it does in the picture? However, the girl was absolutely lovely and the record player is amazing so I thought, what else can I buy? Things are cheap, people seem really nice on there, so why not?

WHY NOT? Because I CAN’T STOP. It’s like Depop has took my soul and all my money. I downloaded the Paypal app, I’m browsing every single day. I cannot stop. Therefore I question, is this a good website? It seems practical, don’t want your stuff anymore but don’t just wanna chuck it away? Looking for some extra cash? Sell your clothes! As long as you’re honest and everything is in good condition I think it’s a brilliant idea.

But it seems like my life is turning into ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ because now I cannot stop. In the last few days I have purchased four items, and 2 of those have came and both are great and in great condition. But I have so many likes and I can’t stop liking! I barely concentrate on work anymore because I’m constantly wondering, what am I missing out on? I need to buy more, is there such a thing as too many vintage jumpers?? The answer is yes but that won’t stop me. I will just keep on going.


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